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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

“Wisdom tooth is the only nightmare which doesn’t need a night to scare you!” Relatable, right?

Not everyone, but many of us have experienced the unbearable condition once in our life, and we detest that feeling, don’t we?

“Wisdom Teeth” - What Are They?

Sleep Dentistry/Sedation Dentistry

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molar teeth that erupts during the late twenties when you’re around 17 to 25 years old. These pairs of teeth grow in the upper jaw and in the lower posterior end of the mouth. Sometimes people are not born with a complete pair of wisdom teeth, some have few of them and some never go through them ever.

Also, in some cases, the growth of wisdom teeth causes some issues due to less space resulting in impacted wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth raise some painful problems such as –

Most of us end up being curious and ask lots of questions to the dentists during the wisdom tooth’s phase but do they actually require removal of impacted wisdom teeth?

Who Should Extract Their ‘Wisdom Teeth’?

Not everyone needs to remove their erupted wisdom teeth, but few cases necessarily demand wisdom tooth extraction. So, what are those cases when you must remove the wisdom teeth?

Cases Such As –

Above mentioned symptoms generally occur when there is an absence of room in the jaw for the molar teeth. If you think such problems are increasing with the growth of wisdom teeth, then immediate treatment is the only solution.

Before Reaching the Dentist, Why Not Educate Yourself About the Treatment Related to the Impacted Wisdom Teeth.?

Treatment ALERT!

Are you experiencing any complications during the growth of wisdom teeth? If yes, then treating your wisdom teeth before the situation becomes worse is the best solution. Now, what could be the best possible remedies to get rid of the wisdom teeth problems?

Home remedies can be the solution until the situation becomes worse. They will include some solutions which could be temporarily implied such as applying ice packs and rinsing your mouth with a pinch of salt in warm water. You can also apply the powdered clove diluting with olive oil and at last, you can also use turmeric paste to get rid of the pain too.

What If the Pain is Unbearable? What if the Impacted Wisdom Teeth Have Serious Issues?

Treat Your Wisdom Teeth Without Getting Hurt

It is best to have your wisdom teeth removed before symptoms get worse as the longer you leave them, the harder it gets. You can also take prescribed antibiotics and painkillers if needed and assessed by the oral surgeon. For some cases, it requires cutting back the gums without using a removal technique. While in the majority of the cases, treating the impacted wisdom teeth by operating has been a permanent solution.

Nowadays, most patients prefer to get treatment under sleep dentistry/general anesthesia which does not cause pain. Therefore, the dentists recommend operating under anaesthesia, i.e.; numbing the space where tooth/teeth are impacted. In hospitals, local anaesthesia is given to numb the are as well as general before the operation is performed. Once the anaesthesia begins its effect, few dental steps are followed –

Later, the patient can go home as the effect of anaesthesia begins to get reside. When general anaesthesia is given, it takes a bit longer to recover and one person is always needed to accompany him/her and take care of the patient for 24 hours. If the patient experiences any of these effects which are mentioned below, he/she should be taken back to the dentist within 24 hours as these indicate some infections or some major complications.

After the operation, and successful wisdom teeth extraction, a few side-effects which are mild and temporary are commonly observed. Here are few of them-

Complications are those issues that occur along with the procedure or after the procedure of wisdom tooth extraction. If care is taken, complications do not arise. Still, if the complications observed following conditions include:

If after the surgery you observe bleeding gums, antibiotics will be provided to treat the infection

Consult your dentist – smile carefree today!

When it comes to oral health, wisdom teeth play a vital role. This condition can be commonly expected after one’s teenage phase. Are you going through the achy phase? If yes, head to Sleep Dream Smile today and consult our expert dentists to get rid of the pain you are going through. We will assure you with best wisdom tooth surgery and many other oral services from our highly professional and qualified dentists. We would also like to reiterate that our clinic includes innovative tools to keep the treatment pain-free.

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Warning: “Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.” Results may vary from individual to individual.

Why Choose “Sleep Dream Smile”?

Since 2005, we have been serving our clientele with the best possible dental experiences at our parent Practice – Healthy Smiles. Sleep Dream Smile follows the motto of comforting the highly anxious or scared patients with patience. With the help of our expert team, we handle complex cases with ease and assure you to leave you with a sparkling bright smile on your face.

Sleep Dream Smile delivers –

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At our “Sleep Dream Smile” clinic, we maintain the best dental practices and sleep dentistry at our clinic offered by expert dentists.. We treat patients on a weekly basis at our facilities and dental day surgery with general anaesthesia. Sleep Dream Smile, Blackburn offers an easy and convenient option for all ages to have sleep dentistry for all kinds of dental requirements. You can use our payment plan option for your dental treatment and book an appointment online whenever you like.

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Warning: “Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.” Results may vary from individual to individual.

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