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Sleep Dentistry

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At Sleep Dream Smile the term ‘sleep dentistry’ is used to describe the sedation dentistry.
There are lots of people who suffer from fears and phobias associated with the dentist with stronger symptoms. We help our patients to relieve fears and anxieties during a dental procedure. We understand that it can be overwhelming in some cases and hence TLC is our priority when it comes to handling such patients. We have had patients who have avoided dentists for years ever since their childhood for their own reasons. We take all measures to help such patients to be aware of our procedures and combat their phobias to get the required treatment for them. This is where we offer ‘sleep dentistry’, or sedation as a viable option to get over that initial hurdle.

Sleep Dentistry/Sedation Dentistry

Learn More About Sleep Dentistry/Sedation Dentistry

This method of dental treatment can be adopted only by highly experienced professional dentists to treat the patient with intricate details and complex methods of sedation. This means you need not get worried about being anxious or afraid after reaching the clinic. The most beneficial advantage of the sedation/general anaesthetic technique is that you can simply sleep throughout the procedure and wake up with a bright white healthy smile! A complete stress-free process, isn’t it?

What Category of Sleep Dentistry You Should Choose?

We understand your concerns, so we are always open to treat all dental problems. If there is any kind of phobia or anxiousness which is not letting you resolve your oral issues, our team is here to help you. We will be all ears while enquiring about your problems with patience and suggest clear solutions for your problems.

Our expert team of dentists suggest that not every process suits every patient. Therefore, a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Ved Berani or with any of our experts will help you get a clear idea on how the procedure will be initiated. This will allow you to relax and go with the flow of our treatments.

At Sleep Dream Smile, Melbourne, we ensure that you feel comfortable while proceeding with sleep dentistry. Safety is our top priority which goes without saying and we firmly believe in the happiness and comfort level of our patients via sleep dentistry practice. We truly want to bring changes in the life of our patients by helping them overcome the fear of dentistry.

Sleep Dentistry Is Broadly Classified Into 4 Classes According to Different Cases.

We all know how intolerable dental problems are. General anaesthesia is the absolute solution to get rid of dental anxiety or phobia, in which you do not need to deal with any kind of stress or anxiety of being hurt. General anaesthesia is basically performed by the specialist anaesthetists in our dental day surgery theatre with approved medical and dental equipment.

Particularly, general anaesthesia is administered by the registered anaesthetist and then the dentist treats the patient. In general, general anaesthesia is required when major oral treatments like tooth extraction, childrens dentistry, dental implants, major cosmetic treatments and wisdom tooth removal are carried out.

Sleep Dentistry/Sedation Dentistry

Sleep dentistry/sedation dentistry

Sleep dentistry/sedation dentistry is beneficial for those who have a problem in opening their mouth and a deep phobia of dental treatment while being awake in a dental chair. This is especially the children and adults who are thinking of doing major dental work like dental implants, crowns or extractions.

Oral sedation is an anti-anxiety dental process that is most commonly applied among majority of patients. The drugs and dosage are decided by the trained sleep dentists only.


Advised only to take medicines prescribed by the registered sleep dentist during the consultation.

Sleep Dentistry/Sedation Dentistry

It is a bit unpredictable to measure the level of sleep after the intake of oral medicines. You might be partially sleepy during the whole dental procedure depending upon the way your body will react to the dosage. Further the drug used is at best a sedative and hypnotic agent and does not fully put you to sleep. We don't recommend this form of sedation as we cannot control it and is not a true form of sedation or anaesthesia.

Your safety is our concern and we always consider it as the priority. Therefore, we provide the best services with our expert dentists at Sleep Dream Smile Blackburn. The IV Sedation process is only permitted to the experienced dentists who have already dealt with severe cases. Our anaesthetists are also registered with Medicare and patients may be eligible for minor medicare rebates.

The process of sleep dentistry is also carried out with the IV sedation procedure which is safe and secure as it is controlled. Patients can get into a deep sleep and you wake up with a beautiful smile with almost no memory of their treatment. The treatment lets you breathe peacefully and go into the phase where you will be able to follow all the commands instructed by the dentist and respond when required.

Sleep Dentistry/Sedation Dentistry

Your appointment will be for 30 minutes to two hours with anaesthetists, and the consultation is done prior to appointment by the anaesthetist in order to confirm the medical history of the patient. The complete dental planning is done before initiating the treatment. Accordingly, different dental treatments are carried out smoothly by our dentists.

The best thing about these medications is forgetting the procedure as well as having a positive experience during the dental treatment.

We also prefer general anaesthesia in comparison to IV sedation to make you sleep as it is SAFER, MORE PREDICTABLE AND PATIENTS HAVE A BETTER RECOVERY. We ensure minimal discomfort after dental treatment.

This is beneficial for the patients who have anxiety issues and have been dealing with the problems for a long time

Happy gas is known as laughing gas which is chemically nitrous oxide. The combination of laughing /happy gas and oxygen is delivered via a safe porter system when required for mild treatment. By using this, dentists treat their patients with analgesia as well as sedation.

Our clinic prefers an instrument – nose piece to deliver the laughing gas.. We also follow this procedure for treating children up to 12 years and patients who have mild anxiety and phobia with the mask above their nose.

Sleep Dentistry/Sedation Dentistry

It is mandatory to breathe comfortably with a mask as this is a form of relative analgesia. If any kind of discomfort is there, it can lead to respiratory disorder resulting in the wrong option for sleep dentistry. Most patients can drive home themselves 30 minutes after the procedure.

This is beneficial for those who hate receiving injections as it is an alternate option for pain control but only in the mildest of cases and for treatments such as scale clean and minor fillings as it decreases mild anxiety.


Those patients who are suffering from asthma or any other breathing issues such as severe fever or cold do not adopt this option.

Why Choose “Sleep Dream Smile”?

Since 2005, we have been serving our clientele with the best possible dental experiences at our parent Practice – Healthy Smiles. Sleep Dream Smile follows the motto of comforting the highly anxious or scared patients with patience. With the help of our expert team, we handle complex cases with ease and assure you to leave you with a sparkling bright smile on your face.

Sleep Dream Smile delivers –

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At our “Sleep Dream Smile” clinic, we maintain the best dental practices and sleep dentistry at our clinic offered by expert dentists.. We treat patients on a weekly basis at our facilities and dental day surgery with general anaesthesia. Sleep Dream Smile, Blackburn offers an easy and convenient option for all ages to have sleep dentistry for all kinds of dental requirements. You can use our payment plan option for your dental treatment and book an appointment online whenever you like.

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Warning: “Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.” Results may vary from individual to individual.

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